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Dining Chairs

There's something special about gathering around the table for a good meal and friendly conversation. At Chapin Furniture, we understand the importance of creating an inviting dining room. Elevate your dining experience by choosing comfortable dining chairs and benches that turn every gathering into a delightful experience.

Versatile Seating Beyond the Dining Table

Our versatile seats extend beyond the dining table, making them perfect additions to your entryway or bedroom. Need extra gaming or office chairs? Our dining chairs and benches are designed for both comfort and functionality, ensuring they meet your lifestyle needs seamlessly.

Personalize Your Dining Space with Fabrics and Materials

Explore the versatility of wooden dining chairs, offering a variety of finishes to match your table or room decor. From custom handcrafted dining chairs to geometric latticework with painted finishes for a modern touch, our wooden chairs cater to diverse styles.

Indulge in the gentle and luxurious experience of upholstered dining chairs. Choose from classic earth-toned hues or bold patterns to complement your space. Our upholstered chairs, available in styles with or without arms and both high- and low-backed designs, allow you to express your unique design personality.

For an added touch of elegance, consider our metal, mixed materials or leather dining chairs. Crafted with heirloom-quality techniques and materials, these chairs develop a beautiful luster over time, providing a perfect blend of comfort and sophistication.

Measuring for the Perfect Fit

Measuring is crucial when shopping for furniture, especially for dining seating. Follow these guidelines for a perfect fit:

  • Seat Height: Standard seat height is 18 inches, with a standard table height of 30 inches.
  • Table Clearance: Aim for 12 inches between the top of the dining chair and the bottom of the table. Consider the apron of your table (wooden panel connecting legs to the top) when measuring for clearance.
  • Chair Spacing: Leave 24 inches of room per chair for optimal comfort. For different table sizes:
    • A 72-inch round table comfortably seats 6.
    • A 96-inch table comfortably seats 8.
    • A 120-inch table comfortably seats 10.

Finding the Right Table Shape for Your Space

Rectangular Tables:

If you have a large family or enjoy entertaining large groups of friends, a rectangular table is your best choice. It can comfortably accommodate two to twelve people along its length, allowing chairs to be placed at each end, saving two seats. With its narrower profile than a square table, it takes up less space in your dining room or kitchen.

  • Six chairs can be placed around a 5-foot rectangular table.
  • Eight chairs can be placed around a 6-foot rectangular table.

Square Tables:

Square tables, being wider, can be more challenging for placement. Four chairs can be placed around a 36-inch wide table, six around a 46-inch table, and eight around a 62-inch table.

Round Tables:

A round table is ideal for conversation, with guests facing each other. However, the larger the table, the more challenging it becomes to reach the center dishes.

  • Four chairs can be placed around a 36-inch diameter table.
  • Six chairs can be placed around a 46-inch diameter table.
  • Eight chairs can be placed around a 62-inch diameter table.

Oval Tables:

An oval table offers the possibility of seating several people but may have space limitations, potentially causing guests at either end to touch.

  • A 6-foot oval table can seat six people.
  • A 7-foot table can seat eight people.
  • A 9-foot table can seat up to ten adults.

Choose the table shape that suits your space and needs, ensuring your dining room is both functional and stylish. Explore our collection at Chapin Furniture and create a dining space that not only looks great but also feels comfortable and inviting. Your perfect dining room awaits!