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Coffee Tables

In the heart of every home, the coffee table stands as a versatile platform where shared moments unfold—be it over drinks, games, or the placement of captivating design centerpieces. An indispensable piece, often utilized daily, if not throughout the entire day or evening, this unassuming table deserves to be more than just functional; it deserves to be special. Elevate your living room by crafting a signature look around a stunning coffee table.

A Simple Update Refreshes the Whole Room:

Transform your living space by making the coffee table the focal point of the room. This simple act has the power to redefine the entire aesthetic. A signature piece not only garners attention but becomes the singular furnishing that sets the tone, shaping your design's character and mood from the moment you or your guests enter the room.

Wood Coffee Tables Make a Statement:

Embrace the classic warmth and longevity of wood. Ideal for traditional looks with modern details, these tables offer versatility in styling and functionality. From playing board games to storing family fun items, wood coffee tables are a perfect blend of timeless design and practicality.

Metal Coffee Tables Add Rustic-Industrial Charm:

For an industrial flair, opt for metal tables with glass or wood tops. The cool feel of metal sets the tone for your space, with decorative outlines and accents. Create a scene of rustic and industrial pieces to complement these tables, balancing the strong look with warmth and natural elements.

Glass Creates an Airy Feel:

Choose a glass table for a lightweight feel in the center of the room. The transparent design allows you to curate furnishings, accents, and artwork that demand attention. Whether minimalist or mixed materiality, glass tables elevate your space with clean appeal and personalized design.

Choosing the Right Coffee Table for Your Space:

Consider the size, shape, and material that best suits your lifestyle. From rectangular and square designs to round and oval options, our collection offers a variety of shapes to match your layout.

Finding the Right Size Coffee Table:

Proportion matters when selecting a coffee table that fits seamlessly into your space. Follow these guidelines to ensure the perfect dimensions:

  • The height of your coffee table should be about 2 inches shorter than the couch seat.
  • The length of the coffee table should be about two-thirds the span of the sofa.
  • If you have a sectional, consider two-thirds the size of the longer portion.
  • For an L-shaped sofa, ensure the table is no deeper than the arm of the other portion.

Concerned about depth? Use a tape measure and painter's tape to mark out the footprint, ensuring the table is about 16 to 18 inches from the edge of the sofa – close enough to reach, yet allowing ease of movement.

Top Picks from Our Collection:

  • Round Coffee Tables: Classic designs adding elegance and sophistication.
  • Rectangular Coffee Tables: Sleek and modern, perfect for a minimalist living space.
  • Lift-Top Coffee Tables: Transform your coffee table into a functional workspace.
  • Nested Coffee Tables: Functional and space-saving options for a clutter-free living room.

We understand that coffee tables are essential in any living room, providing a surface for various activities while enhancing the overall ambiance. Explore our collection, choose the perfect coffee table for your preferences, and take advantage of our latest deals to update your home decor. Welcome to a world where form and function beautifully blend – here at Chapin Furniture.