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Discover the perfect bedroom furniture to transform your sleeping space at Chapin Furniture. Whether you're revamping your existing room or starting with a blank canvas, our curated collection includes separate pieces like beds, dressers, and nightstands, as well as complete bedroom furniture sets.

Coordinating Your Bedroom Furniture

Achieve a beautifully coordinated look effortlessly by choosing pieces from the same collection or opting for one of our carefully curated bedroom furniture sets. At Chapin Furniture, we offer a diverse range of collections to suit various styles:

Bedroom Accent Pieces

In addition to our bedroom furniture sets and collections, Chapin Furniture offers a variety of accent pieces to enhance your space:

  • Window Treatments: Choose from sheer drapes to blackout curtains to complement your bedroom decor. Our in store sample wall is a great tool to reimagine your space.
  • Rugs: Accentuate your floor with rugs of various types, adding texture and style to your bedroom.
  • Wall Hangings: Personalize your room with decorative wall art, framed prints, and macrame pieces that bring color and personality.

Styling Tips for Your Bedroom Furniture

Styling your bedroom involves selecting furniture that sets the tone and creates a space you love. Explore our refined range of styles, balancing formality with approachability. Consider the palette, fabric, shape, texture, and material of each piece to curate a style that reflects your unique taste.

Beds and Headboards

The bed is the heart of your bedroom. Whether you opt for a look-defining headboard or a new platform bed frame, ensure it complements the room's size and style. Choose between wooden headboards for timeless warmth or upholstered beds for added color and softness. Or maybe you picture something completely different, work with our talented design team to customize a bed or headboard that is just what you imagine.


Nightstands are impactful pieces that blend flair with practicality. Consider your storage needs and look for features like soft-close drawers. Matching or mismatched nightstands can bring character to your bedroom, so choose intentionally.


Elegant storage pieces define your room's aesthetic while offering functionality. Tall dressers are great for small spaces, while low dressers provide storage and surface space. Consider a mirror on top for a vanity or a unique vignette.

Benches, Stools, and Ottomans

While not essential, these accent pieces can add seating or texture to your bedroom. From benches at the foot of your bed to wood stools for a rustic charm, explore dynamic options.

Mixing and Matching Bedroom Furniture

Avoid the overmatch by mixing and matching bedroom furniture. While sets are available, a mix of styles and tones can create a timeless yet personalized space. Focus on contemporary bedroom furniture in neutral tones for unity, adding statements for flair.

Explore our collection of bedroom furniture at Chapin Furniture to find everything you need for a comfortable and stylish bedroom. From bedding to accent pieces, we offer a wide range of options crafted with precision and an eye for detail. Create a bedroom you love, bookending your day with good design and comfort. Transform your space today!