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Dining & Kitchen

From casual breakfast nooks to formal dining tables that host shared meals, your dining space is the heart of your home. At Chapin Furniture, we understand that choosing the right dining room furniture is essential in defining how you live in and use that space. Explore our thoughtfully curated collection, featuring timeless and contemporary dining room furniture that allows you to curate your space to your taste.

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered:

Shopping the Set Pieces — How to Choose Furniture for a Modern Dining Room

In a dining room, simplicity is key, typically centered around a dining set featuring a central table and seating. To make an impact, focus on the essential pieces:

Dining Tables:

  • Consider size: Ensure it accommodates your family, guests, and fits comfortably in the space.
  • Visualize with painter's tape: Mark the footprint on the floor for easy visualization.
  • Narrow down material, finish, and style based on your preferences.

Dining Chairs and Seating:

  • Flexibility in style: Seating offers an opportunity for flair, from rustic to sculptural silhouettes.
  • Chair size is dictated by table size: Visualize the chair in place to maintain harmony.
  • Check measurements for bar + counter stools and dining benches for a cohesive look.

Sideboards and Cabinets:

  • Balance storage and display: Choose a sideboard that seamlessly integrates storage and decor.
  • Consider height in relation to the dining table: Maintain balance across the room.

The Beauty in the Mix — Finding Cohesion and Contrast

Achieve visual interest by incorporating variety in materials, finishes, shapes, or design styles:

  • Mix and Match Styles: Experiment with different chairs, benches, or designer collections for a harmonious yet varied look.
  • Create Visual Impact: Play with light and dark contrasts or mix modern dining room furniture with antique elements.
  • Be Mindful of Visual Weight: Larger objects with darker finishes draw the eye; ensure balance with sideboards and decor.

Elevate Your Dining Room with Taste

However you choose to style it, your dining room furniture provides the flexibility to showcase your design aesthetic. Whether it's a family nook or a formal dining room, Chapin Furniture has the pieces to elevate your dining space, making it the heart of both intimate meals and shared occasions. Explore our collection today and transform your dining room with taste.