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Beds & Headboards

Discover the perfect centerpiece for your bedroom at Chapin Furniture. From wooden bed frames to canopies and upholstered headboards, our collection offers a bed that suits your style, inviting you to upgrade your sleeping space. There's no better time than now to turn your dreams into a reality.

How to Shop for Beds

Follow these tips to find the perfect fit for your space:

1. Size Matters:

  • Full beds are ideal for one person and can double up in a guest room.
  • Queen beds comfortably fit one or two people, making them great starter beds for couples.
  • King beds offer a wider expanse of space, allowing two people to stretch out without disturbing each other.

Choose your bed size based on your sleeping preferences and room dimensions. When selecting bedding, ensure it matches the size of your bed for a comfortable fit.

2. Style Selection:

Once you've chosen the right size, decide on the style that resonates with you:

  • Wooden Beds: Lend a rustic or craftsman atmosphere, available in various finishes.
  • Upholstered Beds: Create a softer style, perfect for cottage scenes or traditional homes.
  • Metal Beds: Add unique visual appeal, suitable for various styles, from industrial to vintage.

Consider the headboard and footboard design, perimeter rails, and canopy framing to ensure a high-quality, long-lasting bed.

3. Doubling Up on Storage:

Explore storage options if you need extra space:

  • Storage Beds: Cleverly use the space under the bed for storage or easy-access drawers. A number of our beds have the option of ordering a storage option. Inquire for more information.

Beds and Headboards Collection

At Chapin Furniture, our collection of beds and headboards goes beyond comfort—it defines the style of your room. Crafted from high-quality materials like iron, solid wood, and upholstered fabrics, each bed is designed to last a lifetime.

Platform Beds:

Perfect for minimalist and modern looks, our platform beds offer clean lines and a low-profile design, ideal for smaller bedrooms.

Upholstered Headboards:

Luxurious and comfortable, our upholstered headboards come in various fabrics and styles, including tufted, nailhead trim, and channel stitching, providing a cozy and inviting feel.

Wooden Beds:

For a traditional and classic look, explore our wooden beds, available in styles like sleigh, four-poster, and panel, crafted from high-quality wood.

Iron Beds:

Versatile for any style, our iron beds add a classic or modern touch to your bedroom, providing a unique and eye-catching design.

Transform Your Bedroom with Chapin Furniture

Create the perfect relaxing oasis in your bedroom with our thoughtfully curated collection of beds and headboards. Whether you're designing a primary suite, guest room, or kids' room, our selection caters to all preferences and styles.

Explore the types of beds and bed frames and find the one that complements your taste. Elevate your sleep sanctuary with Chapin Furniture, where every piece is designed to enhance your space and provide a dreamy night's sleep.